• Company History

    How everything started.

New Year -> New Name

Rail and Road GmbH changed his name to r2p GmbH

TechHouse.dk a/s becomes a part of the r2p group

TechHouse.dk a/s becomes a part of the r2p group
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ScotRail class 158 platform


CAF selects r2p as a partner for the Euskotren-project.

Licensing agreement with Medha

Yet another industrial partner joins the r2p group. The company Medha in India signs a cooperation with r2p.


Siemens orders r2p technology for 127 trains of the platform Desiro 450

r2p expands to Brazil

r2p opens a branch in Brazil. With the new office in Brazil, the first contacts in South America are linked.

Cooperation with Stadler Pankow

Stadler trusts r2p technology and equips the projects KISS- and Moscow Aeroexpress with r2p technology.

ProTracking schließt sich r2p an

Die dänische Firma ProTracking schließt sich der r2p-Gruppe an und heißt absofort r2pTracking.

New Logo

r2p gets a new logo

DSB Øresund

DSB Øresund equips 126 trains with r2p technology.


The Swiss Federal Railways signs a supplier agreement with the r2p group

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn: 100 buses are installed from r2p entirely.

New Investor

ALDER becomes new investor of the r2p group and invests several million Euros.

Showcity Flensburg


Alstom UK concludes a supplier contract with r2p


r2p install 300 buses from MAN EGO Ankara


Siemens prefers r2p technology

Hamburger Hochbahn

Five-year contract with Hamburger Hochbahn.

r2p Gründung

Rail and Road Protec GmbH is founded in Flensburg.